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Pet China

Hand painted pet china


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The Artist

hand painted tibetan spanielsPet China is the website of Caroline Boa, an experienced artist who originally specialised in botanical watercolour painting, depicting flowers and plants in precise and accurate detail. Some 15 years ago she switched her specialism to the traditional skill of on-glaze china painting.

Combining her passion for animal portraiture with her knowledge of china painting’s demanding techniques; she is now one of the foremost china painters in Britain today.

On glaze china painting uses metallic enamels and needs to be fired in a kiln up to 850 degrees. To obtain an accurate image, china painted items need to go into the kiln several times, especially as different pigments need to be fired at different temperatures. Caroline uses only the best English bone china and porcelain and where appropriate, real gold for lettering and edges. This means that her work is food-safe, impervious to heat and cleaning solvents and may be put in the dishwasher.

Whatever the commission, Caroline always enjoys discussing the design with her clients so that it exactly meets their requirements. This makes sure that the finished work you receive is as individual as they are.

Hand Painted China